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Friends Only // Comment to be Added

ETA: I'm never on LJ. Don't even bother adding me lol.


I'm currently in the process of setting up a new journal, insunsets

Add me if you still care about my ramblings :P It'll be strictly about my boring life tho. No more fandom, I'm not really into that any mores

It'll probably be a mess until I get used to LJ again cause a lot of stuff has changed and my memory is mighty rusty lol
As the title says, I'll be away in Colorado for about a week starting August 5th. If you add me, I won't be able to get to you 'til I'm back :]

PUBLIC POST :: HIATUS 6/11/07-6/18/07

I will be on hiatus from June 11, today, to June 18, next Monday. All this means is that I won't be able to approve any friend requests and sadly won't be able to contact my existing friends :[ I will miss you guys!